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Sauna & Hydropool - Spa

Comments from our guests:
...was so fantastic that I did not really had to leave, but a girlΆs got to eat as well, right ? ¨
The hydropool with the amazing view on the bay was quite an experience! What a decadence! ...

...view from the terrace is amazing and the new facilities (sauna and hydropool) are fabulous!
It's great to sit in the sauna and look at the mountains and the sea....

Euphoria & Relaxation
Faithful to our aspects for real quality holidays we offer to all our guests free services (depending to the number of the overnights) of sauna and hydropool spa.

Sauna Services
...rediscover youthful health.
Slowing, radiant health, natural beauty from deep within. Europeans have long relied on saunas to achieve overall health, beauty and vitality. Until recently, except in expensive resorts or health clubs saunas have been available to only the very wealthy. We, in Eye Q Resort, offer free services of a Health Mate Sauna (for 2 up to 4 persons), for even better holidays. Relax in the cedar cabin privately and conveniently. Health Mate delivers safe radiant heat that gently melts away any stress. Muscles are soothed and relaxed. Skin glows with the freshness of youth. And with every session, youΆll burn... the calories of holidays.


ydropool Spa Services...feel the way you deserve
Imagine your own personal get-a-way, a place where you can relax, meditate, and enjoy quiet times... by yourself, with friends or with family. Feel the stress and tension seep out of your body as you sit back, stretch out, and let the combination of warm water, pulsating jets, and the natural buoyancy of water do their magic. The Hydropool Hot Tub will 'rekindleΆ romance or relationships with family and friends and make your body feel the way you deserve.

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