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Willkommen auf Skiathos

welcome to skiathos
Skiathos is part of a group of islands known as 'The Sporades'.    It is just 8 miles long by 6 miles wide and is the smallest in the group. Also the closest to the mainland, a distance of 6 miles.

Skiathos has many unique features, one of the most recognized being the fertile landscape. Everywhere you go on the island you are mesmerized by the many different shades of green set against the magical backdrop of the azure blue Aegean Sea.

The unique environment of Skiathos will make your holiday unforgettable and you will surely return to this magical island.

As you stroll around the numerous paved streets of Skiathos town you will experienced the wonderful cosmopolitan atmosphere of the island. You will also find yourself surrounded by an immense choice of galleries, fine art shops, leather goods, taverns, cafes, bars and night clubs to suit all! Skiathos is a magical island and inevitably stays etched in the mind of the visitor - like a dream waiting to be re-visited!

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